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Rejuvenate your mind, Replenish your body, Reignite your Spirit


Megan Wright is a loving mother and true believer in the power of holistic natural therapy and medicine to heal the mind, body, and soul. As owner and main therapist with in the Phoenix and Body team, Megan also works along side a selection of hand picked therapists from around the Byron Shire to accommodate every body’s needs and chartering to larger group bookings.

Born in Byron Bay, she was raised within a community where values such as natural health and wellness, compassion, empathy and understanding have influenced her approach to her work.

Her treatments are an experience, ask any of her customers and they will tell you for themselves.

“I see the body, mind, spirit as one whole, with an innate intelligence of its own. While I am here to help guide and facilitate, the true healing comes from awakening within.” – Megan


NOTE: Video testimonials on the way.

“As a regular traveler, I often look for local therapists to help relieve stress from working on my computer. The first time I received a massage from Megan, I was not expecting the amazing holistic approach. She is a true healer, catering to all the senses. I literally cried with joy afterwards and now get so excited when ever I have the chance to receive her advice and service. She is literally the best at what she does that I have ever experienced. I couldn’t recommend her enough”

– David Wright

“I had the pleasure of receiving a massage from Megan and I can not recommend her highly enough. I’m a touring musician so I demand a lot of my body and that takes its toll over time. I had just played a gig the night before and was feeling a bit fragile… Megan’s approach was equal parts relaxing and restorative, unlike any massage I’ve had before! She took the time to understand my body, creating a personal experience which was incredibly healing. Her work is unique and her presence as a human is beautiful. Highly highly recommend!!!”

– Jarrod Brereton 

Massage therapy

Megan’s passion and love for massage and body work comes through in her approach to healing. Her belief and understanding of healing goes beyond the physical. While massage is her number one passion, she believes a holistic approach is needed when approaching the body. With her team and connections with in the healing community with in the Byron Shire Megan’s goal is to help you to achieve your health goals in any way she can.

Baby massage classes

After Megan became a mother, she went on to study and become certified to teach parents and caregivers the endless benefits of massage. Giving every one the confidence and understanding to give their next generation, the best start possible. Infant massage is not only healing for the children but also for the parents and caregivers. Creating a nurturing bond and foundation for a healthy life.

Beauty therapy

Megan kick started her career change from the corperate world into the world of natural healing through initially becoming a beauty therapist. Her approach and understanding to beauty is more than what you see, beauty is a combination of qualities. Through her approach, Megan strives to bring out these qualities in all her clients.

Our skin is our biggest organ and everything we are using topically is being absorbed and processed by the body, this is why Megan has chosen OrganicSpa product range.


Book a treatment today and get to know me for yourself.

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