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Megan’s massage is a modern fusion where East meets West. Bringing her mixed training of Remedial, relaxation, Kahuna, Thai, and Craniosacral. While integrating the use of hot stones, cupping and sound/vibration to create her own unique style and approach to body work.  Brining healing and balancing to the body and mind. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Whether you’re already passionate about your health or looking to start, each massage is tailored to meet your body’s needs.

A lot of Megan’s massage clients have pre existing conditions. Eg. autoimmune diseases, arthritis, inflammation, scoliosis, past injuries, fibromyalgia, high stress or just a physically demanding job.

30 Min   $55
1 Hour Relaxation/Pregnancy   $90
1 Hour Deep Tissue   $100

90 min Relaxation/Pregnancy   $120
90 min Deep Tissue   $135


Hot Stone Fusion 

Hot stone massageA luxurious treatment that integrates massage with heated basalt stones. This massage releases deep muscle tension by massaging with
the deep, penetrating heat of smooth basalt stones . A soothing, healing treatment that has a profound effect on the nervous and circulatory systems. This ancient art of healing uses elements of
water & Mother earth to bring relief to tense muscles, sore joints,
stressed emotions and a weary spirit. 

30 Minute $55

1 Hour $100

90 minute $135


4 Hands 



Treat yourself to an experience you will not forget. Surrender and let go while Megan and one of her hand picked therapists work their magic simultaneously. While one therapist starts at your head, the other with your feet. Working towards your center and crossing over, transporting you to another world. 

1 hour $180

90 min $270

Sound healing meditation

A VibroSound Lounge is a therapeutic healing bed, embedded with tactile transducers to pulse healing frequencies throughout the whole body to enhance mind, body, soul health. Using advanced technology & synchronised sound waves with healing frequencies – low-frequency vibrations are applied directly to the body – positively affecting at the cellular & molecular level. Creating an experience of total body relaxation.

This makes a perfect addition to your favorite treatment or a shorter independent healing time.

20 min add on $20

Independent sound healing meditation 40 mins $40

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